Sandy Skoglund

This is work I cannot describe and I don’t think anyone could do as good as she is with her art. It is hard to explain how her art is you cannot explain it but you can she how beautiful it is. It is odd and strange but also amazing Sandy Skoglund did an amazing art piece on all her work.

Wassily Kandinsky

I do not think we deserve a grade for art only a grade for our participation art is subjective there is nothing that should be awful. Wassily Kandinsky work is very colorful with all the brushes and shades he put sin his work and its all subjective to his work and he makes it very fascinating and one of the best art I’ve seen.

Read and Reflect

The work of a photographer is a good and interesting work but it is hard not to work for yourself in order to find a good company nonetheless you need to have a good company. I feel like being a photographer depends if you are good or not and has more to do with business and having oppurtunities its really hard and there is lots of competition for big cooperations.